Friday, 25 December 2009

HO! ho! HO! Merry Christmas everyone x

YES! iTS me the wonderer returns, sorry yet again for not posting its been a mad few months with many illnesses in the family, im hoping as the New Year approaches all will be resolved positively.

Ive had the best christmas today with my hubby and children, im hoping you all have too. I didnt receive any stash this year but i did get oodles of money to spend guilt free, im on the look out for some stamps, anyone knows of any sales plz give me a shout..

ok time to catch up on other bits and encourage my children to go up to bedfordshire.

TTFN for now xxx


Hi I'm Maria... said...

merry christmas jenni, hope you're having a good one, CC had put a post on do-crafts with the best sales around.. in case you've still got money to spend. lol...

hugs and sparkles for the new year...

maria x

mrs tsv said...

jen, happy christmas to you too. its lovely to see you up and running again. glad you had a lovely christmas. if your looking for stamps, try here.

very reasonable. gina xxxxxx

scarlet_starlet said...

great ;d

Spencer Day said...

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Happy blogging! :)

Jason said...

Hope you all had a safe and great holidays (:

Lisa said...

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Be Well :)

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Hi I'm Maria... said...

come on jenni, this need updating, as it will be nearly this christmas, hahahaha...

maria x