Saturday, 15 November 2008

im back and so behind

hi again ive been poorly for what seems like weeks i had a normal cold which left me with a chest infection, and i never slept properly for a week and ended up down on the sofa as i needed to sleep upright and i didnt want to wake everyone up. So now im behind with all my projects and the washing is 10 ft high.

Ive almost finished a Calendar ive just got to BIA it (oh i hope i goes well)
or you may be hearing me scream! I had my BIA off my best friend for my 40th in May and ive not used it much to be honest.

Im terrible with new Gadgets im scared to use them incase i stuff up my stash but because i dont use them i dont get the hang of it for a while.
Am I Mad?
No surely im not coz Gina my buddie from Docrafts is the same?
Unless were both mad!!
Well this isnt going to get any projects finished so i will get on with it.
My next posting i hope to have piccies of my calender completed!
jenni x

Saturday, 8 November 2008

A project a day !

hi take a look over on Carolines blog she has a busy November for us all and is creating a project a day, today she has made a beautiful birdhouse. Complete with a template to download.
well done CC its truly inspiring.
jenni x

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Blog Candy up for grabs on...........

Ive stumbled on Carlz blog and its great and she has some lovely cards heh go check it out!


yesterday my friend took her son Perry for his Scan results on his Brain Tumour and its fantastic news it hasnt grown or moved in any way and it looks as though its dead, so it seems Thank-you God the Radiotherapy has worked for him.

Now its just a case of getting him back on his feet he's lost his appetite and is still very weak down his arm and is still wobbly.

Poor boy has had it removed twice this year, its been an awful year for his family and ive seen them really go through it.
Ive a feeling this is going to be a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS for them and about time too.
my love always Kimmy Graham, Perry and Josh xxxx

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

oh yeAH i found my brain!

heh get me ive managed to upload my playlist happy listening!!

wet wednesday

its freezing here and wet, ive now come down with flu and feel yuk great, its always the way us mums/wives nurse the hubbys and children back to good health and end up getting it our selves, oh well could be worse couldnt it.

Im feeling anxious today as my best friend has her sons results today Perry he is 10yrs old has had 2 brain tumours removed in less than a year and today they travel to the Marsden to see the Consultant I pray its good news for them, thinking of you all, hugs jennix

ive been trying for the last few days to upload a playlist but for some reason its just not loading well today im determined to get it going, if anyone has any tips please let me know.

Monday, 3 November 2008

my cocker spaniel DINO

our 2 year old Cocker spaniel hes adorable and so clever ive taught him to get my slippers abd the post!

Happy monday!

another new week 2 of my 4 children are due back at school although DS1 is ill off school with sore throat, DD was keen to go to school today to show off her new coat! Teenagers heh! my 2 youngest boys are back at school tomorrow which will mean im back in routine. Im signing up with a slimming club tomorrow as i must loose some of this weight, and i cant blame my under active thyroid any longer..

i finished my "LOVE" banner using the QVC Cosmo Cricket TSV it was reasonably quick to do apart from youngest son wouldnt seetle last night and i was up and down stairs 3 times. Im pleased with it and will upload some photos in a tick.

DH has also kept me awake all night as he has a cold! Im sure you ladies know all about heh!!
right camera on and my David Bailey impressions are tested!!!
jenni x

Sunday, 2 November 2008

blog candy anyone!??

if you go to which is a blog i was introduced to today kindly Elaine is offering some Markers as blog candy go check it out Elaine does some lovely cards by fav is the STEP CARD i would give u the link but as im still learing i cant get my head round it yet!! good luck and wish Elaine a Happy Birthday....
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Me and my beautiful Mum

Saturday, 1 November 2008

X Factor!

oh this week is Austins turn to leave, there are some really good singers this year but some that really shouldnt be there.

My second attempt at blogging!

hi this is me i thought id set up another blog and get my head around it this time, mainly so all my family living miles away can keep up with me, and it gives me a perfect excuse to play on my new Laptop! so watch this space and i will add bits and pieces as they come my way. jenni x