Wednesday, 20 May 2009

omg its the big day

and we woke up late, so why am i on here then you may ask?

yeah i agreee but i think when your late your late and im not stressing today, im gonna jump in the shower while Billy gets ready for school. Have to pick up the keys at 9.30am so not a lot is happening this early anyway.

oooh now im mega excited! i woke up at 5am and i was gonna stay up but then as i had only gone to bed at 1am i needed my sleep for such an important day.

k TTFN hope to be back soon,

1 more sleep

can u believe it wow its come round quick just 1 more sleep until moving day, actually only 9 hours until i pick up the keys, corrr i really am excited now, i dunno how im gonna sleep.
Actually im exhausted today ive been sorting and packing and all kinds today, hey ho all be worth it very soon.

i may be off line for a while but will update u all when i can,
takecare of u x

Saturday, 16 May 2009

all boxed in

Hi all sorry ive not been blogging in a while im all "Boxed IN"!!

we have boxes in every knook and cranny and only 4 sleeps to go now till the big move, ad yep i have the stinkiest cold ever, typical, hey hum a strong coffee and couple of tablets should sort it,

i will try popping back on from time to time, until then happy scrapping and creating.


Saturday, 9 May 2009

May challenge over on DC

Joanne set the chalenge this month, the brief was hot colours bright and cheerful, using a childhood photo. Well as ive not got any photos of my childhood, well i have 2! They are packed so i went with a photo of me and my 2 sisters, when we all lived together when we lived in Penarth Wales. We were like 3 mad women all under the same roof with 8 children between us!!
we had tea bags fights, peanut butter sandwich fights, when one of us was in the shower we would pour talcum powder over from the top.
One time thinking about it now i could have killed my dear sister i mean really it was a stupid prank that could have gone wrong thankfully it didnt.

One day the toilet was blocked so Dianne the middle sister got up the ladder and was checking out the pipe outside, what did i do pour a bucket of cold water over her!!!!!
She could have fell off or anything thankfully she lived o tell the tale!!! How bad is that though this was in 1995. Through marriage break-ups we were all single mums living in the same house. I will treasure those memories forever.
love you my dear sisters.
This is my LO.

my blog candy win!!

I was delighted to hear i had won clarkyJ's blog candy and received my parcel thursday take a look.

thankyou so much Janet, i so appreciate it and ive been playing already should have been packing but hey ho!
A girls gotta play when she has new stash! this is janets blog go check it out its fabby xx

Monday, 4 May 2009

Darn sticky tape

and not the Crafty type either, its just not behaving and refuses to stick to the boxes ive already packed,slowly u can see it peeling off, its so annoying.

Ive started on the kitchen you know all the things u have but just dont use that often, ie posh serving dishes! My cupboards are now nice and clean, my knees are red, i could do with my dinner, a good shower and a play with my stash.

Now that would be great, watch this space.!

hope yourve all had a good weekend, back to school for my children shame i love it when there home.

TTfn x

ps 16 sleeps!!

Sunday, 3 May 2009

been a bussssy bussssy beeeee today!

and it sure feels good its the first time today ive actually sat at my lappy.
ive sorted out our bedroom everything but clothes and toiletries is packed.

Also i packed some Scrapbook Kits, my DD said,

"Mum, how many kits do u actually need"??? lol i dont have that many not that im gonna count them!!!! lol

My airing cupboard got packed too, as did my photos. Although ive kept some back to play with until we move, yeah 17 sleeps NOW and counting....

I cant pack my stash away until the night before the thought of not be able to play is not a good one,

I recorded all day of Craft Day and do u know ive not sat to watch any of it yet, i wont be ordering i did want the BP Kit but i think id be pushing my hubbys generosity..

k im now shattered nite all x

Saturday, 2 May 2009

18 SLEEPS UNTIL move day...........

and im sat here in my Pj's still when i should be washed dressed and packing boxes, nahhh its too early and as its NATIONAL SCRAPBOOKING DAY i thought id do something scrappy ok maybe im not playing with paper but its scrapbook related.

hVE FUN If your scrapping today i'll look forward to seeing your makes x

good morning good morning!!

shocked and delightful way to wake up this morning!
as i was drinking uy morning tea, and catching up on the blogs and threads, i hopped over to DC and read the post "jenni- a little bit of me"!!

well you never guess who won Clarkyj's blog candy "YEP" little old me!

im so pleased i neverr win anything and it looked like a huge delish pile of candy thankyou so much Janet im truly thrilled.

big hugs and lots of gratefulness,