Sunday, 15 March 2009

Q9 "what waas the last brave thing I did"????

well i couldnt really think of anything for being brave, eventually i did think of when i went to look at my medical records, trying to find some answers to my childhood. There wasnt anything there that i didnt know already, so it was a waste of time really. I didnt think i was brave but was told i was loads.

this is my tag, i drew round my hand to represent a hand to hold, in times when you need to be brave. jx

new LO

this picture was taken of vanessa (left and me right) we were best friends when i lived in kenilworth, sadly im no longer in contact with her. This was taken for the Kenilworth Carnival in July 1981 we dressed up as Worzel Gummidge and Aunty Sally we won first prize.

wow what a beautiful morning

Hi again, after a very stressful week i can now chill out, Billy and I finally sorted the school situation out, and we decided he was to go to the school he had been offered.
Despite my reservations about the school, i had a wonderful chat with hubby and he reminded me of all the things we spoke about over the years mainly that i didnt want Billy labelled and when i sat down and thought long and hard i realised that was what i was doing. I got so possessed about the whole thing it was a nightmare and it should have been an exciting time for Billy. So I did some research and was happy with the ofsted reports etc, so we decided to accept his place. Billy was over the moon, as long as i keep on top of the school and make sure he has the support im sure he will be ok. Phew what a nightmare, im glad we made the decision....

The following day we had parents eveining and im delighted to say Billy is doing so very well, his Head Teacher came up to us and said how pleased she is with Billy's progress, and how hard he is working and that he is predicted to leave Year 6 with Level 4 which is fantastic news. I was so happy and proud i almost kissed her, Im releaved and excited for him. And so very proud, finally i think its all coming together for him. I left the schol literally walking on air, i was so proud and when we both came in we gave him a huge cuddle and told him everything that had been said.

Then bless him the next day he came home from school with a certificate to say he hhad produced some excellent writing that day.
I cant tell you how proud iam and happy for him, its like you know when your first pregnant and you forget about it for a while then you remember and have this warm ovely feeling, thats how im feeling now.
iTS GREAT...xx

Sunday, 8 March 2009

oh dear now what do i do??

as posted a couple of days ago Billy didnt get his 1st school choice and how mad i was as the school he has been given has no special needs, and im not overly impressed with it, well friday Billy said he actually wants to go there, Argggggg!!
now what do i do, i did say ok well its not a problem (really), i said he needs to think about it and we will talk tonight, (sunday)
thing is with ASD children they find it hard to make friends, Billys best friend is going to that school which is why he wants to go there.
I dont know what to do now, Billy has to be happy there, i cant force him to go to a school he dosnt want to go to can I??
Coz he wont wanna be there he wont learn or settle down, he will just shut off.
Im going to make an appointment this week with this other school and explain my concerns. I may be surprised?
ooooh its all quiet draining,
will jeep you posted.!

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

morning all its wednesday

oh my Billy is on a mega go slow today he should be at school in 10mins and he's still not dressed despite be asking him several times, he has no concept of time and its difficult to explain to him the need to hurry up when your late. How i explain it is like a car you press the excelerator to go faster, and that he has to find his excelerator to get done quicker.
today however i think he's ran out of fuel. Speaking about Billy i ran his head yesterday with regard to appealing for his chosen school and she said to write a letter explaining my plea and that she and the SENCO would do the same. So now i need to find quiet time to do this....yeah right quiet in this mad house....!
i will get on it today,
the piccie is of me and Rachel Boxing Day last year they all came round and played on the wii and had a couple of games of cards, shes the lovliest friend ever love ya xx
Rachel one of my best buddies she will help im sure, well im lending Ali my hubby to her today! (??) Rachels partner is not the best at DIY so i lend my hubby out. She needs shelves and things as they have not long moved into her bungalow and need storage.
Billy was sat on the toilet and called me in to tell me he'd grown as his feet can touch the floor now!! bless he does make me laugh!! have a wonderful wednesday and i will chat later.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

im furious, sad and just arrggggghhhhh

Billy is due to start secondary school in september and boy it worries me, because of special needs we chose a specific scool near by. It has a fantastic special needs centre and SENCO, well yesterday we had the email to say he hadnt been offered a place instead, he has been offered a crummy school. Yet again it means a fight on my hands to get Billys needs met, im sick of fighting al the blumming time, ive been fighting for 10 years for BIlly and of course i will continue to for him and my other 3 children. I am shocked i was told by his SENCO that the school we wanted didnt turn anyone away last year,.
Typical it would be us wouldnt it, well Kent County Council you wanna fight bring it on......

Monday, 2 March 2009

Q52 challenge

this is a challenge set by ems, she posts a question every monday UK time and i answer on a tag, im supposed to be improving my journaling but i think mine is looking the same each week. note to self: sort out your journaling!!

Typical i cant seem to find Q4 in my vast library of photos, i will keep looking right 2 out of 4 children are home dinner wont make it self!!
thanks for looking xx

am i pushing my luck??

as some of you know ive been having major hassle with my internet, today however has been a good day and ive had no breaks! yeahh, so im gonna attempt loading some piccies of various stuff ive been doing.
I have an hour of peace before the children come home, lets see what i actually get done in that goes!!