Sunday, 8 March 2009

oh dear now what do i do??

as posted a couple of days ago Billy didnt get his 1st school choice and how mad i was as the school he has been given has no special needs, and im not overly impressed with it, well friday Billy said he actually wants to go there, Argggggg!!
now what do i do, i did say ok well its not a problem (really), i said he needs to think about it and we will talk tonight, (sunday)
thing is with ASD children they find it hard to make friends, Billys best friend is going to that school which is why he wants to go there.
I dont know what to do now, Billy has to be happy there, i cant force him to go to a school he dosnt want to go to can I??
Coz he wont wanna be there he wont learn or settle down, he will just shut off.
Im going to make an appointment this week with this other school and explain my concerns. I may be surprised?
ooooh its all quiet draining,
will jeep you posted.!


Hi I'm Maria... said...

oh jenni you poor thing, and sorry feel I cannot help you as I'm lucky in someway as steven goes where I want him to go, as does not understand having choice.....

sending you sparkly vibes to get through this, you know where I am if you want to let off steam...

maria xx

sue-bubbles said...

Oh my goodness Jenni, what a dilemma! That really is so tricky. If you do decide to go with the school that you have been given, I would make doubly sure that Billy would be in the same group as his best friend - thats something you can ask when you go and visit eh! Good luck and extra sparkles to you for your latest hurdle!
Sue x