Wednesday, 4 March 2009

morning all its wednesday

oh my Billy is on a mega go slow today he should be at school in 10mins and he's still not dressed despite be asking him several times, he has no concept of time and its difficult to explain to him the need to hurry up when your late. How i explain it is like a car you press the excelerator to go faster, and that he has to find his excelerator to get done quicker.
today however i think he's ran out of fuel. Speaking about Billy i ran his head yesterday with regard to appealing for his chosen school and she said to write a letter explaining my plea and that she and the SENCO would do the same. So now i need to find quiet time to do this....yeah right quiet in this mad house....!
i will get on it today,
the piccie is of me and Rachel Boxing Day last year they all came round and played on the wii and had a couple of games of cards, shes the lovliest friend ever love ya xx
Rachel one of my best buddies she will help im sure, well im lending Ali my hubby to her today! (??) Rachels partner is not the best at DIY so i lend my hubby out. She needs shelves and things as they have not long moved into her bungalow and need storage.
Billy was sat on the toilet and called me in to tell me he'd grown as his feet can touch the floor now!! bless he does make me laugh!! have a wonderful wednesday and i will chat later.

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