Friday, 25 December 2009

HO! ho! HO! Merry Christmas everyone x

YES! iTS me the wonderer returns, sorry yet again for not posting its been a mad few months with many illnesses in the family, im hoping as the New Year approaches all will be resolved positively.

Ive had the best christmas today with my hubby and children, im hoping you all have too. I didnt receive any stash this year but i did get oodles of money to spend guilt free, im on the look out for some stamps, anyone knows of any sales plz give me a shout..

ok time to catch up on other bits and encourage my children to go up to bedfordshire.

TTFN for now xxx

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

long time no see.....

sorry for not posting in a while, i need my wrists slapped.

its been the summer hols as you know, we went on holiday to Turkey 19th july but broke down in Germany (we drive there),

came home for a week and left again successfully this time and returned saturday
29th august.
we had a fabby time ssing all hubbies family was great. so sad though when we have to leave.

im currently going through probably 3000 photos! I think a whole Album will be on Turkey summer 09!!

i have 5 or 6 weeks of 52Q's to catch up on some fat pages i wasnt here for oh the list is endless!!

my children are all back at school tomorrow so normal service will be resumed!!!

Monday, 15 June 2009

thank-you Tracy

i think ive managed to include the links in my postings!!

Sunday, 14 June 2009

welcome home


im pleased your now home and away from the stresses hospital wards bring, i can never sleep there and its always nice coming home to your own bed.
just take it easy and do some reasearch for us all, you know u love shopping and helping us spend our dosh!!

happy chilling now and take things easy, big hugs

Friday, 12 June 2009

my first award....

firstly thanks go to my buddy Gill from

ok so the rules are;

The conditions of the award are: I must thank the person who gave me the award. List their blog and link to it. I must list 10 honest things about myself. I must put a copy of The Honest Scrap Logo on my blog. I must select at least seven other worthy bloggers & list their links. I must notify the bloggers of the award.

now 10 honest things about me,

1. I was told i would never have children, im now a mum to 4 adorable children.
2. I sliced my thumb open on a corned beef tin and needed stitches.
3. Ive broke my ankle twice in the same place same foot.
4. I drive a Green Mini Cooper called Gladis.
5. I was the first female Butcher for my old firm and loved it.
6. I love gardening.
7. I would love to be a Policelady
8. Im very happy married to my Turkish Delight.
9. I have moments of real insecurity.
10.I smoke and have given up more times than i can remember.

phew that wasnt easy..
now to nominate 7 others;

sorry if the links wont take u direct to the blog im really rubbish at linking them if anyone can give me a tip id be well chuffed,
now ive got to put in the LOGO if i can!!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

my craft room

is starting to take some shape, ive spent some time in there today, printing some photos ready for a mini project.
i'll be glad when i know where everything is again, the good thing is i'd forgotten i had some stash and its a lovely surprise finding it again.

im just sitting uploading watching qvc from tuesday and as yet nothing has caught my eye, so my dosh is safe!!!


finally a new LO from me

since moving into our dream house 3 weeks ago now ive not done any crafting i need to get back into some routine, well i tried im not overly happy with it i feel its missing something. I love the photo it holds many memories of my son Kameron he was 3 then wow he will be 11 in August where does the time go????

Monday, 8 June 2009

just a quickie

to say good luck to my friend SUE BUBBLES over on Docrafts, as she will be in hospital for an op tomoz, i will be thinking of you hunny, miss you already, and take it easy big but gentle hugs

Sunday, 7 June 2009

OMG Ive found my father......................

where, how and why??

that i really dont know, my parents split up in 1981 when i was 13yrs old. Im the youngest of 5 and had not the best upbringing my father was an alcoholic, abusive man,. we kept in contact for a while after, but lost contact, id moved got married and moved on in my life. Then my step dad came along and the trouble with it all too, i resented him for a while, he wanted to be my dad i didnt want him to at that time, then years later after having my own children i realised actually he was my Dad and have adored him ever since.

All the time i wondered if my Father was alive and what he was upto had he moved on, in life, had more family as he was only in his early 40's so it was possible,
I went to his last address in Blackpool trying to find him nothing and then 2years ago my oldest sister Betty and I applied with The Salvation Army Tracing Team to find him,
my sister had a phone call on Tuesday to say they had found him Alive,???
He asked after the oldest child Mark? there are 4 other children too you know Father he said he would like to know more about us but through the Sally Army,

Now i dont know how i feel obviously im very pleased he is still Alive, i'd been through the senario of finding him all too late,
I feel terribly disloyal to my Dad (step) he or mum dont know yet, i want to tell them as i feel terribly guilty of knowing and not telling them,
Dad will be so hurt im sure, Mum knows we have been looking for him, im sure she will be shocked to know we have found him,

we have wrote another letter which was posted thursday to say we would like to get to know him again, we cant put too much or else we could frighten him off, so i suppose the ball is in his court now, if he dosnt wanna see us then i guess we've not lost anything but this could also open up a hugs can of worms and how do we all deal with it??

Its been 25years since i saw him, if im honest i cant really remember what he looks like, his voice nothing, will my memories of him come back if and when we meet.
who knows, Im not expecting too much if anything after all if we meant that much to him i dont see how he could have lost touch????

as i sit reading this back i cant believe im going through this after 25 years, i didnt mean it to take this long, i wish i hadnt have left it this long, i guess i wasnt ready to deal with the concequences, its not gonna be easy for any of us, i would just like to have some answers to questions far too personal to post on here, sorry, but you know the years just add up dont they,

so if your reading my blog and possibly in the same situation plz dont leave it so long to trace someone you care about.
thanks for listening love and hugs


Friday, 5 June 2009

am i getting old??

ive fell asleep again this eveing i went really cold lay on the sofa DD covered me up with my old grannys blanket and i slept for about 3 hours what a waste though, I wanted to get tea organised early so i could go and create something fabby in my new craft room,
my MOJO is back but only @ the thinking planning stage i just dont have enough energy right now, maybe its just all catching up with me or maybe my dodgy thyroid is playing up again.

Even lets face it im just getting on a bit now ive had my 41st birthday, i must face upto the fact im know longer the spring chicken i once was,

Im hoping to have some play time this weekend, ive so many projects on the go now,

k im off to catch up with all the blogs i love have a fabby weekend,

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

and the wonderer returns!!

yes im back after 2 weeks without the internet, i will update my blog as soon as i can,

ive hundreds of emails to go through and loads of your blogs to catch up on, see what your've all been upto and check out your recent makes.
Im pleased to say our house move went really well and were finally settled, today i decorated my bedroom in red, looks lush, i love it. Not sure yet what hubby will think, but as he is Turkish im just gonna say i did it for him as the Turkish flag is red!!!!

ok i will bid you goodnight for now while i go check out some blogs, Thankyou all for your cards and emails.

Oh and im 1 year older since my last post, i had a fab birthday thankyou again for all your cards.
Big hugs

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

omg its the big day

and we woke up late, so why am i on here then you may ask?

yeah i agreee but i think when your late your late and im not stressing today, im gonna jump in the shower while Billy gets ready for school. Have to pick up the keys at 9.30am so not a lot is happening this early anyway.

oooh now im mega excited! i woke up at 5am and i was gonna stay up but then as i had only gone to bed at 1am i needed my sleep for such an important day.

k TTFN hope to be back soon,

1 more sleep

can u believe it wow its come round quick just 1 more sleep until moving day, actually only 9 hours until i pick up the keys, corrr i really am excited now, i dunno how im gonna sleep.
Actually im exhausted today ive been sorting and packing and all kinds today, hey ho all be worth it very soon.

i may be off line for a while but will update u all when i can,
takecare of u x

Saturday, 16 May 2009

all boxed in

Hi all sorry ive not been blogging in a while im all "Boxed IN"!!

we have boxes in every knook and cranny and only 4 sleeps to go now till the big move, ad yep i have the stinkiest cold ever, typical, hey hum a strong coffee and couple of tablets should sort it,

i will try popping back on from time to time, until then happy scrapping and creating.


Saturday, 9 May 2009

May challenge over on DC

Joanne set the chalenge this month, the brief was hot colours bright and cheerful, using a childhood photo. Well as ive not got any photos of my childhood, well i have 2! They are packed so i went with a photo of me and my 2 sisters, when we all lived together when we lived in Penarth Wales. We were like 3 mad women all under the same roof with 8 children between us!!
we had tea bags fights, peanut butter sandwich fights, when one of us was in the shower we would pour talcum powder over from the top.
One time thinking about it now i could have killed my dear sister i mean really it was a stupid prank that could have gone wrong thankfully it didnt.

One day the toilet was blocked so Dianne the middle sister got up the ladder and was checking out the pipe outside, what did i do pour a bucket of cold water over her!!!!!
She could have fell off or anything thankfully she lived o tell the tale!!! How bad is that though this was in 1995. Through marriage break-ups we were all single mums living in the same house. I will treasure those memories forever.
love you my dear sisters.
This is my LO.

my blog candy win!!

I was delighted to hear i had won clarkyJ's blog candy and received my parcel thursday take a look.

thankyou so much Janet, i so appreciate it and ive been playing already should have been packing but hey ho!
A girls gotta play when she has new stash! this is janets blog go check it out its fabby xx

Monday, 4 May 2009

Darn sticky tape

and not the Crafty type either, its just not behaving and refuses to stick to the boxes ive already packed,slowly u can see it peeling off, its so annoying.

Ive started on the kitchen you know all the things u have but just dont use that often, ie posh serving dishes! My cupboards are now nice and clean, my knees are red, i could do with my dinner, a good shower and a play with my stash.

Now that would be great, watch this space.!

hope yourve all had a good weekend, back to school for my children shame i love it when there home.

TTfn x

ps 16 sleeps!!

Sunday, 3 May 2009

been a bussssy bussssy beeeee today!

and it sure feels good its the first time today ive actually sat at my lappy.
ive sorted out our bedroom everything but clothes and toiletries is packed.

Also i packed some Scrapbook Kits, my DD said,

"Mum, how many kits do u actually need"??? lol i dont have that many not that im gonna count them!!!! lol

My airing cupboard got packed too, as did my photos. Although ive kept some back to play with until we move, yeah 17 sleeps NOW and counting....

I cant pack my stash away until the night before the thought of not be able to play is not a good one,

I recorded all day of Craft Day and do u know ive not sat to watch any of it yet, i wont be ordering i did want the BP Kit but i think id be pushing my hubbys generosity..

k im now shattered nite all x

Saturday, 2 May 2009

18 SLEEPS UNTIL move day...........

and im sat here in my Pj's still when i should be washed dressed and packing boxes, nahhh its too early and as its NATIONAL SCRAPBOOKING DAY i thought id do something scrappy ok maybe im not playing with paper but its scrapbook related.

hVE FUN If your scrapping today i'll look forward to seeing your makes x

good morning good morning!!

shocked and delightful way to wake up this morning!
as i was drinking uy morning tea, and catching up on the blogs and threads, i hopped over to DC and read the post "jenni- a little bit of me"!!

well you never guess who won Clarkyj's blog candy "YEP" little old me!

im so pleased i neverr win anything and it looked like a huge delish pile of candy thankyou so much Janet im truly thrilled.

big hugs and lots of gratefulness,

Monday, 27 April 2009

kick me up the bum plz!!

my house is a tip as u know were moving and after cleaning out 3 cupboards yesterday from under the stairs well theres stuff everywhere, and now i dont know where to start. I also need to do the usual, dishwasher, putting away washing, more washing and some ironing.
I wont be packing my craft stuff till the last minute, im hoping to fit some in at some point.
Today is also Q17 over on embs,

Im not motivated at all today even though ive had several coffees, i feel someone needs to kick me up the butt!

please all form and orderley queue......

i have been to the Gp picked up my meds for my throid, dropped dd off @ our hospitals Nursery she has work experience there, bless.
where do the years go.??

oh and made egg on toast for breakie, thought it might give me some energy, all it did was make me log on to DC have a quick chat with the girlies and im still sat here, right ok, ive talked myself round Jen get of your butt and do something instead of moaning.
so there is it TTFN,

Friday, 24 April 2009

great news!!!

oh what a day its been a fabby day too, im so excited i could pop, we have been given the go ahead for our new house, and hopefully we move in 20th May, 2 days before Mels birthday and 9 days before mine a wonderful present.

its got a bigger garden, the conservatory will be my craft room and i wont have to share ths with the washing machine and tumble.

so i guess my blog my suffer for a while as ive mountains of packing to do, why is it always us mums that end up packing evrything.

One good thing is that we will have a mega clear out too and send all the toys over the road to our hospital.

this is our new house,

Thursday, 23 April 2009

sorry im wacked

not posted in a while im wacked lately not sure if my thyroid is playing up again as last night i fell asleep after reading with Billy, 8.30pm and woke up at 7.00am, and im stating to flag again so will jsut say hi for now and will upload over the coming weekend,
hope your all well and busy playing with some yummy stash

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Saturday, 18 April 2009

a couple of new LO's!

billy when he was a baby he had gorgeous blue eyes and blonde hair then when he reached 2 his hair went brown and his eyes are brown or green somedays, cute baby, and a lovely 10yr old now, x

me and my adorable 4 children all in the tub this was 4 years ago, crickey couldnt get them all in now, there much too big now, and long gone are the days of sharing a bath with me!

for all you robo owners.......

after many hours of searching i have found this webby ,

ttp:// it has loads of info for robos and lots of info if your playing with your new toy, go take a look,

oh and i ordered the blade from here for £25.00 not bad and at least i know im getting the right one.

robo blades?

ok ive been a very good girl and hubby brought me a Robo, we were playing with it for a while and noticed its blade was blunt as it was tearing card/paper, so my question is does anyone know of any good reasonable suppliers?

Ive been on sndf there about £27.00 so can anyone beat that.

surprisingly ive only found 2 sellers on ebay i think theres were £25.00

its so frustrating, i only got it friday and i had a mega head and didnt play, today finally get playing time and the blades no good, why does that always happen??

i will keep searching for a reasonable price, let me know plz if u know of any bargains out there...

Friday, 17 April 2009


a fellow crafting buddy Gill has just started her own blog, go give her some support plz, goodluck Gill, your house will never look the same now!!

good morning, actually its lunch time lol

oh my woke up with a mega headache and nothing to do with alcohol either, 2 tablets and pots of coffee later its slowly going now,

wow its been a mega busy easter hols this year ive done something with the children every day, not today though its miserable outside, cold and wet so its a staying in day.
im sat here with Dino at my feet Billy is upstarirs on the Wii or playstation, Melissa is at her friends, Kieron and Kameron are not back from their hols yet, im hoping they back tomoz ive missed them heaps.

as i was saying im sat here with coffee and ciggie and all i can hear is sponge bob on the tv??? when Billy is upstairs, i know i love spongebob it makes me lol all the time, but bless him for leaving it on for me to watch!! nah he just didnt turn off the tv when he went upstairs. Do yours do that??

Im sure if we were all on 50p meters we would be more careful with our electricity.
(gets up to turn off tv)

oh i have some news for you all im ow the proud owner of a ROBO, if any of you know of any good blogs re; Robo plz can u let me know??

also i went to view a house wednesday and i love it its perfect, plz can u send some sparles my way, hopefully i will get to move in my dream house?

k ive mountains to do today but my head is really not letting me, im on a go slow and need a kick up the bum, so kick me,
ttfn x

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

k who's nicked it????

well i had a blog counter here the other day and now its gone??
come on own up who's pinched it????

my1st DLO

my Mini Cooper!

ok i do actually love this LO

after saying yesterday i didnt really ever like my LO's i do have to say i adore this one, its of my DD Melissa when out shopping at christmas she tried on this hat and i thought she looked so beautiful, and snapped her, with my mobile.
I brought her the hat for christmas too.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

more candy...

met Dawn through Docrafts she has a great blog, go check her out.

some new Lo's

ive wANted to scrap these pics for ages so im pleased now they are finished, and fairly pleased with the results.
Is everyone else very critical about their LO's i never seem to be really happy with them, yet when i look at others, i really admire theirs.
am i too hard on myself?? i guess only i can answer that.

thanks for passing by x

Easter Monday

I had planned on going swimming with the children and my friend but having woke up with a headache i decided against it and had a day at home instead.
Children were busy playing and hubby was home so he did a few obs round the house, like tighting up the bolts on the boys bunk-beds. Goodness knows how they came so loose, probably been practising their WWE moves on the beds.
Boys hey!!

I have been busy and managed to complete 2 tags for the Q52 project on Emms blog and also 2 LO's which i will upload tomoz now,
k i hope yourve all had a good crafting weekend, and ate chocolate whilst playing with some stash,

more blog candy

ClarkyJ from Docrafts left this message on the forum, go check out her blog its great jenni xx
goodluck to you all,

Monday, 13 April 2009
As promised Blog candy is here!

Well here is is the blog candy I promised for 5000 hits - Nearly there so thought I would post it anyway seeing as its a Bank Holiday. Finally managed to get hold of the stamp set I really wanted to include and that is the Blonde Moments dotty flower set. I know whoever wins this candy will come to love this set as it is so versatile.
So whats in the candy?
1 dotty flower stamp set
1 Cute fairy stamp by dimension fourth
1 pack blonde moments sugar dumpling papers
2 packs tags
Assorted Chipboard shapes
Assorted wooden shapes
3 sets fibres which match the papers
1 tub of buttons to match the papers
Large fabric flower
Chipboard numbers 0-9
Pack 5 square white cards and envelopes
I will post out world wide but you must have a blog to enter.
So what do you need to do? Just like other candy offers its not too hard!
Add a comment here. Link me to your blog using the picture if you wish. And become a blog follower of this and that.
On the 1st May I will pick a winner using a random method. (on the computer if I can work it out LOL)

Sunday, 12 April 2009

wow found this blog, and blog candy too

pop over its a great blog full of lots of loveliness
good luck to whoever wins,
Saturday, 18 April 2009
Its Candy Time!


This is my candy as a thankyou to all you great bloggers who come visit me. Its to help me celebrate my recent DT posts, the fantastic amount of hits I've received and my forthcoming birthday at the end of the month. All I ask is that you link my candy to you blog and post here to let me know. Simple as that. I will ship internationally.

Heres whats on offer to one lucky person:

Creative Expressions "Little Lovin Kids Unmounted Rubber Stamps (A4 size)

Large "Dress" Sizzix Die

Basic Grey 6 x 6 Sultry

Basic Grey 6 x 6 Sugared

La Compagnie Des Elfes "Fairy & Kittens Rubber Stamp

4 x Snag'em Stamps

3 Bottles of Blue Glitter Glues

Papermania Whire Flowers

Doddlebug Blue Rick-Rack

Remember all you need to do is let everyone know about my candy, linking back to here and make a post below. I will draw the winner on SATURDAY 18TH APRIL

Good luck!


blog widget
Dating Site in St. Paul

my time flies

ive just realised ive not posted in 3 weeks, crikey where did that go???
i have some stuff to upload so will get that done either later today or maybe tomoz,.

Easter Sunday hubby will prob be working as its double time, or time and a half something like that, we will be out later to a nature reserve with the children and Dino, and friends and there puppy TEd.
(that all depends on the weather at the moment theres not a glimpz of sun its really dull and chilly)

children will be overloaded with chocolate how lovely,
k kettle has clicked another coffee calls,
TTFN enjoy your Easter xx

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Q9 "what waas the last brave thing I did"????

well i couldnt really think of anything for being brave, eventually i did think of when i went to look at my medical records, trying to find some answers to my childhood. There wasnt anything there that i didnt know already, so it was a waste of time really. I didnt think i was brave but was told i was loads.

this is my tag, i drew round my hand to represent a hand to hold, in times when you need to be brave. jx

new LO

this picture was taken of vanessa (left and me right) we were best friends when i lived in kenilworth, sadly im no longer in contact with her. This was taken for the Kenilworth Carnival in July 1981 we dressed up as Worzel Gummidge and Aunty Sally we won first prize.

wow what a beautiful morning

Hi again, after a very stressful week i can now chill out, Billy and I finally sorted the school situation out, and we decided he was to go to the school he had been offered.
Despite my reservations about the school, i had a wonderful chat with hubby and he reminded me of all the things we spoke about over the years mainly that i didnt want Billy labelled and when i sat down and thought long and hard i realised that was what i was doing. I got so possessed about the whole thing it was a nightmare and it should have been an exciting time for Billy. So I did some research and was happy with the ofsted reports etc, so we decided to accept his place. Billy was over the moon, as long as i keep on top of the school and make sure he has the support im sure he will be ok. Phew what a nightmare, im glad we made the decision....

The following day we had parents eveining and im delighted to say Billy is doing so very well, his Head Teacher came up to us and said how pleased she is with Billy's progress, and how hard he is working and that he is predicted to leave Year 6 with Level 4 which is fantastic news. I was so happy and proud i almost kissed her, Im releaved and excited for him. And so very proud, finally i think its all coming together for him. I left the schol literally walking on air, i was so proud and when we both came in we gave him a huge cuddle and told him everything that had been said.

Then bless him the next day he came home from school with a certificate to say he hhad produced some excellent writing that day.
I cant tell you how proud iam and happy for him, its like you know when your first pregnant and you forget about it for a while then you remember and have this warm ovely feeling, thats how im feeling now.
iTS GREAT...xx

Sunday, 8 March 2009

oh dear now what do i do??

as posted a couple of days ago Billy didnt get his 1st school choice and how mad i was as the school he has been given has no special needs, and im not overly impressed with it, well friday Billy said he actually wants to go there, Argggggg!!
now what do i do, i did say ok well its not a problem (really), i said he needs to think about it and we will talk tonight, (sunday)
thing is with ASD children they find it hard to make friends, Billys best friend is going to that school which is why he wants to go there.
I dont know what to do now, Billy has to be happy there, i cant force him to go to a school he dosnt want to go to can I??
Coz he wont wanna be there he wont learn or settle down, he will just shut off.
Im going to make an appointment this week with this other school and explain my concerns. I may be surprised?
ooooh its all quiet draining,
will jeep you posted.!

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

morning all its wednesday

oh my Billy is on a mega go slow today he should be at school in 10mins and he's still not dressed despite be asking him several times, he has no concept of time and its difficult to explain to him the need to hurry up when your late. How i explain it is like a car you press the excelerator to go faster, and that he has to find his excelerator to get done quicker.
today however i think he's ran out of fuel. Speaking about Billy i ran his head yesterday with regard to appealing for his chosen school and she said to write a letter explaining my plea and that she and the SENCO would do the same. So now i need to find quiet time to do this....yeah right quiet in this mad house....!
i will get on it today,
the piccie is of me and Rachel Boxing Day last year they all came round and played on the wii and had a couple of games of cards, shes the lovliest friend ever love ya xx
Rachel one of my best buddies she will help im sure, well im lending Ali my hubby to her today! (??) Rachels partner is not the best at DIY so i lend my hubby out. She needs shelves and things as they have not long moved into her bungalow and need storage.
Billy was sat on the toilet and called me in to tell me he'd grown as his feet can touch the floor now!! bless he does make me laugh!! have a wonderful wednesday and i will chat later.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

im furious, sad and just arrggggghhhhh

Billy is due to start secondary school in september and boy it worries me, because of special needs we chose a specific scool near by. It has a fantastic special needs centre and SENCO, well yesterday we had the email to say he hadnt been offered a place instead, he has been offered a crummy school. Yet again it means a fight on my hands to get Billys needs met, im sick of fighting al the blumming time, ive been fighting for 10 years for BIlly and of course i will continue to for him and my other 3 children. I am shocked i was told by his SENCO that the school we wanted didnt turn anyone away last year,.
Typical it would be us wouldnt it, well Kent County Council you wanna fight bring it on......

Monday, 2 March 2009

Q52 challenge

this is a challenge set by ems, she posts a question every monday UK time and i answer on a tag, im supposed to be improving my journaling but i think mine is looking the same each week. note to self: sort out your journaling!!

Typical i cant seem to find Q4 in my vast library of photos, i will keep looking right 2 out of 4 children are home dinner wont make it self!!
thanks for looking xx

am i pushing my luck??

as some of you know ive been having major hassle with my internet, today however has been a good day and ive had no breaks! yeahh, so im gonna attempt loading some piccies of various stuff ive been doing.
I have an hour of peace before the children come home, lets see what i actually get done in that goes!!

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Am I lazy??

OMG ive done it again i dont keep my blog upto date and if i looked in on my blog i would hop off again its boring a bit of music, me rabbiting on, no photos, or projects, nothing so Iam going to do something about it and sort it out. I promise this time next week you wont recognise it!!
Thats if theres anyone that actually pops in!!
Till next time happy carfting and to anyone thats lost their mojo i hope you find it very soon,

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

where r my photos?

do you know just checking my blog and ive noticed my photos have disapeared, so if anyone finds them plz can they hand them in!!

kinda good news!

hi everyone Billy and I are back, hospital went well, his Elilepsy Consultant was very pleased Billy hasnt had any fits for over 2 years now, even i was surprised it was that long, he wants to reduce his meds over the next 3 months and eventually stop and basically see what happens, he seems to think there is a 70% chance he would have out grown it. Good hey, im really pleased so is Billy he said so mum if my fits have stopped does that mean im normal, i nearly cried. Part of me is very excited of course and another part is scared as heck i really dont want to see him having another fit, I guess all we can do is wait and pray. I also told him about this Chyromosome disorder he has and he hadnt heard of it before and i gave him the web addy and he said he would look into it, get me a little housewife teaching a top consultant something he didnt know!
hugs and hopes Jenni x

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year xx

After an all day and night party over on Docrafts, ive been printing some photos and getting a few for a LO, and now u think im just about done in, so im gonna pack up and get ready for bed! Night night,

I do hope this year is a Heathy and Happy one for you all,