Monday, 27 April 2009

kick me up the bum plz!!

my house is a tip as u know were moving and after cleaning out 3 cupboards yesterday from under the stairs well theres stuff everywhere, and now i dont know where to start. I also need to do the usual, dishwasher, putting away washing, more washing and some ironing.
I wont be packing my craft stuff till the last minute, im hoping to fit some in at some point.
Today is also Q17 over on embs,

Im not motivated at all today even though ive had several coffees, i feel someone needs to kick me up the butt!

please all form and orderley queue......

i have been to the Gp picked up my meds for my throid, dropped dd off @ our hospitals Nursery she has work experience there, bless.
where do the years go.??

oh and made egg on toast for breakie, thought it might give me some energy, all it did was make me log on to DC have a quick chat with the girlies and im still sat here, right ok, ive talked myself round Jen get of your butt and do something instead of moaning.
so there is it TTFN,


Sall said...

One kick coming up can return the favour...I'm no further forward with that research paper essay dodah

Hi I'm Maria... said...

right jenni, you've got to stop going on the computer and get your butt into gear, otherwise I will set gina onto you....

maria x