Tuesday, 14 April 2009

more candy...

met Dawn through Docrafts she has a great blog, go check her out. http://craftydawn.blogspot.com/

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Crafty Dawn said...

Nice post lol you leave a link by going to cutomise then add gadget then you add the picture gadget

(you can save mine to your comp and then you can browse from your comp as if you were uploading a photo)

Where it says link remove the http it has & put my link to my blog (copy & paste it)you can't go wrong then Save it your done! (please check the link works)

Then when people click on the photo of my lovely stash it will take them to my blog and they will have the same opportunity as you.

I hope this helps and I really like your blog, you will so love bloging it's great fun and wonderful way to meet people and do all sorts.

Love Dawn xx