Friday, 17 April 2009

good morning, actually its lunch time lol

oh my woke up with a mega headache and nothing to do with alcohol either, 2 tablets and pots of coffee later its slowly going now,

wow its been a mega busy easter hols this year ive done something with the children every day, not today though its miserable outside, cold and wet so its a staying in day.
im sat here with Dino at my feet Billy is upstarirs on the Wii or playstation, Melissa is at her friends, Kieron and Kameron are not back from their hols yet, im hoping they back tomoz ive missed them heaps.

as i was saying im sat here with coffee and ciggie and all i can hear is sponge bob on the tv??? when Billy is upstairs, i know i love spongebob it makes me lol all the time, but bless him for leaving it on for me to watch!! nah he just didnt turn off the tv when he went upstairs. Do yours do that??

Im sure if we were all on 50p meters we would be more careful with our electricity.
(gets up to turn off tv)

oh i have some news for you all im ow the proud owner of a ROBO, if any of you know of any good blogs re; Robo plz can u let me know??

also i went to view a house wednesday and i love it its perfect, plz can u send some sparles my way, hopefully i will get to move in my dream house?

k ive mountains to do today but my head is really not letting me, im on a go slow and need a kick up the bum, so kick me,
ttfn x

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