Monday, 8 November 2010

hold on to your hats!!

Hello everyone, yikes its a blowy day here and cold too,  its hats and scarves weather alright. Lucky for me i don't have to venture out, well only to take Dino out, but sorry baby its going to have to wait until the rain stops. I don't mind being wet but not wet and cold thats just not funny is it??

well that weekend went mega quick for me, i didn't feel brilliant saturday and sat down for a chill out and well nodded off in the chair around 3pm  woke up at 5pm and went to bed as i felt so rough and didnt wake up until 10.30am sunday with a splitting headache. 
Yesterday i felt well just a bit slow i suppose. Today im ok back to normal, if ever there was a normal, running around getting everyone ready for school and work, planning the dinner for tonight.
Chicken Tikka Masala (Gordon Ramsey) method, its lush. We have it saturday but as i was snoring my head off it didnt get made.

Apart from sleeping my life away (grrr) Ive been busy making more cards for my sister charity over on Facebook, her are the latest.

Now i need to organise a sponsered bike ride too, i hope your all crafting and keeping warm, love and sparkles to you all xx

Friday, 5 November 2010

thank goodness its friday!

good morning all, I'm so pleased its Friday today, as i really didn't want to get up this morning. Roll on Saturday i can have my usual sleep in!! I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking that too.

well Ive been busy finishing off some Christmas cards for my sisters charity Betty's Bulgarian Fund a group set up over on by myself for my sister,  to raise money for her treatment in Bulgaria. She has Multiple Sclerosis  and will be travelling (with me and her hubby in Toe) to Bulgaria, please read this link for more info.

I cant wait its an awful disease, and has took away most of my sisters adult life. I would sell my soul to get her there, if i could. But be there she most defiantly will!!  so please take a look and if your interested in donating at all an account has been set up, details on or you could message me,
All donations will be gratefully received

. Big hugs,  many thanks for visiting my blog, and enjoy your friday, sparkles and love to you all, my buddies from several blogs and craft forums, xx

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

blog candy  /while blog hopping i came across this very beautiful blog, mainly for stampers. I know some of you are stampers, and scrappers so thought it would be rude not to enjoy folks   xx

shock and horror!

Hello fellow bloggers, well here i am ready to start again on my blog, so sorry its been such a long time. Well what a year its been for me, my health hasnt been the best and now im waiting for a (much needed and wanted, if im honest) Hysterectomy.

 Im hoping once they whip it out, i will be feeling more like my old self..

Autumn is really starting to kick in now, we have a beautiful Cherry Tree outside the front of our house and its just starting to change colour, i will attempt to photograph it while it changes, im sure it will make a lovely LO,

ive been a busy bee making Christmas Cards lately for a very special charity, which i will upload and tell you all about the chraity then,

but for now my 16yr old daughter needs waking up, LOL &  my dear Dino needs a walk,
I Will be back xx