Monday, 8 November 2010

hold on to your hats!!

Hello everyone, yikes its a blowy day here and cold too,  its hats and scarves weather alright. Lucky for me i don't have to venture out, well only to take Dino out, but sorry baby its going to have to wait until the rain stops. I don't mind being wet but not wet and cold thats just not funny is it??

well that weekend went mega quick for me, i didn't feel brilliant saturday and sat down for a chill out and well nodded off in the chair around 3pm  woke up at 5pm and went to bed as i felt so rough and didnt wake up until 10.30am sunday with a splitting headache. 
Yesterday i felt well just a bit slow i suppose. Today im ok back to normal, if ever there was a normal, running around getting everyone ready for school and work, planning the dinner for tonight.
Chicken Tikka Masala (Gordon Ramsey) method, its lush. We have it saturday but as i was snoring my head off it didnt get made.

Apart from sleeping my life away (grrr) Ive been busy making more cards for my sister charity over on Facebook, her are the latest.

Now i need to organise a sponsered bike ride too, i hope your all crafting and keeping warm, love and sparkles to you all xx


SusieJ said...

Wet and windy here too - so Max has had to wait for his walk too.
Your card sare lovely Jenni.
That Chicken dish sounds yummy. I tried Heston Blumenthal's Rich Chilli con Carne last night (picked the recipe card up in Waitrose) and it was delicious - even OH commented so it must have been good!lol
Sue xx
p.s. sparkles for you **** hope you're feeling better today.

a little bit of me........ said...

Hi Sue, poor Dino never did get to go out its not stopped raining all day, he didnt even want to go out for a wee!
ooh i love chilli con carne i will google the recipe if not pick up a card at Waitrose.
are you working on any projects at the moment Sue,
thankyou for your comments Sue its good being back playing with paper!!
sparkles and hugs to you xxx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

was horrid weather here too jenni, had to turned back this morning as all was flooded...

lovely cards...

maria xx

tea_bag said...

Its been wet and windy here as well Love your cards and your chicken dish sounds very tasty hugs alma x

Maalai said...

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