Monday, 27 April 2009

kick me up the bum plz!!

my house is a tip as u know were moving and after cleaning out 3 cupboards yesterday from under the stairs well theres stuff everywhere, and now i dont know where to start. I also need to do the usual, dishwasher, putting away washing, more washing and some ironing.
I wont be packing my craft stuff till the last minute, im hoping to fit some in at some point.
Today is also Q17 over on embs,

Im not motivated at all today even though ive had several coffees, i feel someone needs to kick me up the butt!

please all form and orderley queue......

i have been to the Gp picked up my meds for my throid, dropped dd off @ our hospitals Nursery she has work experience there, bless.
where do the years go.??

oh and made egg on toast for breakie, thought it might give me some energy, all it did was make me log on to DC have a quick chat with the girlies and im still sat here, right ok, ive talked myself round Jen get of your butt and do something instead of moaning.
so there is it TTFN,

Friday, 24 April 2009

great news!!!

oh what a day its been a fabby day too, im so excited i could pop, we have been given the go ahead for our new house, and hopefully we move in 20th May, 2 days before Mels birthday and 9 days before mine a wonderful present.

its got a bigger garden, the conservatory will be my craft room and i wont have to share ths with the washing machine and tumble.

so i guess my blog my suffer for a while as ive mountains of packing to do, why is it always us mums that end up packing evrything.

One good thing is that we will have a mega clear out too and send all the toys over the road to our hospital.

this is our new house,

Thursday, 23 April 2009

sorry im wacked

not posted in a while im wacked lately not sure if my thyroid is playing up again as last night i fell asleep after reading with Billy, 8.30pm and woke up at 7.00am, and im stating to flag again so will jsut say hi for now and will upload over the coming weekend,
hope your all well and busy playing with some yummy stash

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Saturday, 18 April 2009

a couple of new LO's!

billy when he was a baby he had gorgeous blue eyes and blonde hair then when he reached 2 his hair went brown and his eyes are brown or green somedays, cute baby, and a lovely 10yr old now, x

me and my adorable 4 children all in the tub this was 4 years ago, crickey couldnt get them all in now, there much too big now, and long gone are the days of sharing a bath with me!

for all you robo owners.......

after many hours of searching i have found this webby ,

ttp:// it has loads of info for robos and lots of info if your playing with your new toy, go take a look,

oh and i ordered the blade from here for £25.00 not bad and at least i know im getting the right one.

robo blades?

ok ive been a very good girl and hubby brought me a Robo, we were playing with it for a while and noticed its blade was blunt as it was tearing card/paper, so my question is does anyone know of any good reasonable suppliers?

Ive been on sndf there about £27.00 so can anyone beat that.

surprisingly ive only found 2 sellers on ebay i think theres were £25.00

its so frustrating, i only got it friday and i had a mega head and didnt play, today finally get playing time and the blades no good, why does that always happen??

i will keep searching for a reasonable price, let me know plz if u know of any bargains out there...

Friday, 17 April 2009


a fellow crafting buddy Gill has just started her own blog, go give her some support plz, goodluck Gill, your house will never look the same now!!

good morning, actually its lunch time lol

oh my woke up with a mega headache and nothing to do with alcohol either, 2 tablets and pots of coffee later its slowly going now,

wow its been a mega busy easter hols this year ive done something with the children every day, not today though its miserable outside, cold and wet so its a staying in day.
im sat here with Dino at my feet Billy is upstarirs on the Wii or playstation, Melissa is at her friends, Kieron and Kameron are not back from their hols yet, im hoping they back tomoz ive missed them heaps.

as i was saying im sat here with coffee and ciggie and all i can hear is sponge bob on the tv??? when Billy is upstairs, i know i love spongebob it makes me lol all the time, but bless him for leaving it on for me to watch!! nah he just didnt turn off the tv when he went upstairs. Do yours do that??

Im sure if we were all on 50p meters we would be more careful with our electricity.
(gets up to turn off tv)

oh i have some news for you all im ow the proud owner of a ROBO, if any of you know of any good blogs re; Robo plz can u let me know??

also i went to view a house wednesday and i love it its perfect, plz can u send some sparles my way, hopefully i will get to move in my dream house?

k ive mountains to do today but my head is really not letting me, im on a go slow and need a kick up the bum, so kick me,
ttfn x

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

k who's nicked it????

well i had a blog counter here the other day and now its gone??
come on own up who's pinched it????

my1st DLO

my Mini Cooper!

ok i do actually love this LO

after saying yesterday i didnt really ever like my LO's i do have to say i adore this one, its of my DD Melissa when out shopping at christmas she tried on this hat and i thought she looked so beautiful, and snapped her, with my mobile.
I brought her the hat for christmas too.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

more candy...

met Dawn through Docrafts she has a great blog, go check her out.

some new Lo's

ive wANted to scrap these pics for ages so im pleased now they are finished, and fairly pleased with the results.
Is everyone else very critical about their LO's i never seem to be really happy with them, yet when i look at others, i really admire theirs.
am i too hard on myself?? i guess only i can answer that.

thanks for passing by x

Easter Monday

I had planned on going swimming with the children and my friend but having woke up with a headache i decided against it and had a day at home instead.
Children were busy playing and hubby was home so he did a few obs round the house, like tighting up the bolts on the boys bunk-beds. Goodness knows how they came so loose, probably been practising their WWE moves on the beds.
Boys hey!!

I have been busy and managed to complete 2 tags for the Q52 project on Emms blog and also 2 LO's which i will upload tomoz now,
k i hope yourve all had a good crafting weekend, and ate chocolate whilst playing with some stash,

more blog candy

ClarkyJ from Docrafts left this message on the forum, go check out her blog its great jenni xx
goodluck to you all,

Monday, 13 April 2009
As promised Blog candy is here!

Well here is is the blog candy I promised for 5000 hits - Nearly there so thought I would post it anyway seeing as its a Bank Holiday. Finally managed to get hold of the stamp set I really wanted to include and that is the Blonde Moments dotty flower set. I know whoever wins this candy will come to love this set as it is so versatile.
So whats in the candy?
1 dotty flower stamp set
1 Cute fairy stamp by dimension fourth
1 pack blonde moments sugar dumpling papers
2 packs tags
Assorted Chipboard shapes
Assorted wooden shapes
3 sets fibres which match the papers
1 tub of buttons to match the papers
Large fabric flower
Chipboard numbers 0-9
Pack 5 square white cards and envelopes
I will post out world wide but you must have a blog to enter.
So what do you need to do? Just like other candy offers its not too hard!
Add a comment here. Link me to your blog using the picture if you wish. And become a blog follower of this and that.
On the 1st May I will pick a winner using a random method. (on the computer if I can work it out LOL)

Sunday, 12 April 2009

wow found this blog, and blog candy too

pop over its a great blog full of lots of loveliness
good luck to whoever wins,
Saturday, 18 April 2009
Its Candy Time!


This is my candy as a thankyou to all you great bloggers who come visit me. Its to help me celebrate my recent DT posts, the fantastic amount of hits I've received and my forthcoming birthday at the end of the month. All I ask is that you link my candy to you blog and post here to let me know. Simple as that. I will ship internationally.

Heres whats on offer to one lucky person:

Creative Expressions "Little Lovin Kids Unmounted Rubber Stamps (A4 size)

Large "Dress" Sizzix Die

Basic Grey 6 x 6 Sultry

Basic Grey 6 x 6 Sugared

La Compagnie Des Elfes "Fairy & Kittens Rubber Stamp

4 x Snag'em Stamps

3 Bottles of Blue Glitter Glues

Papermania Whire Flowers

Doddlebug Blue Rick-Rack

Remember all you need to do is let everyone know about my candy, linking back to here and make a post below. I will draw the winner on SATURDAY 18TH APRIL

Good luck!


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my time flies

ive just realised ive not posted in 3 weeks, crikey where did that go???
i have some stuff to upload so will get that done either later today or maybe tomoz,.

Easter Sunday hubby will prob be working as its double time, or time and a half something like that, we will be out later to a nature reserve with the children and Dino, and friends and there puppy TEd.
(that all depends on the weather at the moment theres not a glimpz of sun its really dull and chilly)

children will be overloaded with chocolate how lovely,
k kettle has clicked another coffee calls,
TTFN enjoy your Easter xx