Sunday, 15 March 2009

wow what a beautiful morning

Hi again, after a very stressful week i can now chill out, Billy and I finally sorted the school situation out, and we decided he was to go to the school he had been offered.
Despite my reservations about the school, i had a wonderful chat with hubby and he reminded me of all the things we spoke about over the years mainly that i didnt want Billy labelled and when i sat down and thought long and hard i realised that was what i was doing. I got so possessed about the whole thing it was a nightmare and it should have been an exciting time for Billy. So I did some research and was happy with the ofsted reports etc, so we decided to accept his place. Billy was over the moon, as long as i keep on top of the school and make sure he has the support im sure he will be ok. Phew what a nightmare, im glad we made the decision....

The following day we had parents eveining and im delighted to say Billy is doing so very well, his Head Teacher came up to us and said how pleased she is with Billy's progress, and how hard he is working and that he is predicted to leave Year 6 with Level 4 which is fantastic news. I was so happy and proud i almost kissed her, Im releaved and excited for him. And so very proud, finally i think its all coming together for him. I left the schol literally walking on air, i was so proud and when we both came in we gave him a huge cuddle and told him everything that had been said.

Then bless him the next day he came home from school with a certificate to say he hhad produced some excellent writing that day.
I cant tell you how proud iam and happy for him, its like you know when your first pregnant and you forget about it for a while then you remember and have this warm ovely feeling, thats how im feeling now.
iTS GREAT...xx

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