Tuesday, 3 March 2009

im furious, sad and just arrggggghhhhh

Billy is due to start secondary school in september and boy it worries me, because of special needs we chose a specific scool near by. It has a fantastic special needs centre and SENCO, well yesterday we had the email to say he hadnt been offered a place instead, he has been offered a crummy school. Yet again it means a fight on my hands to get Billys needs met, im sick of fighting al the blumming time, ive been fighting for 10 years for BIlly and of course i will continue to for him and my other 3 children. I am shocked i was told by his SENCO that the school we wanted didnt turn anyone away last year,.
Typical it would be us wouldnt it, well Kent County Council you wanna fight bring it on......

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