Monday, 4 May 2009

Darn sticky tape

and not the Crafty type either, its just not behaving and refuses to stick to the boxes ive already packed,slowly u can see it peeling off, its so annoying.

Ive started on the kitchen you know all the things u have but just dont use that often, ie posh serving dishes! My cupboards are now nice and clean, my knees are red, i could do with my dinner, a good shower and a play with my stash.

Now that would be great, watch this space.!

hope yourve all had a good weekend, back to school for my children shame i love it when there home.

TTfn x

ps 16 sleeps!!

1 comment:

Hi I'm Maria... said...

sounds as if you're still having fun packing jenni....sparkly vibes to keep going...

maria x