Friday, 5 June 2009

am i getting old??

ive fell asleep again this eveing i went really cold lay on the sofa DD covered me up with my old grannys blanket and i slept for about 3 hours what a waste though, I wanted to get tea organised early so i could go and create something fabby in my new craft room,
my MOJO is back but only @ the thinking planning stage i just dont have enough energy right now, maybe its just all catching up with me or maybe my dodgy thyroid is playing up again.

Even lets face it im just getting on a bit now ive had my 41st birthday, i must face upto the fact im know longer the spring chicken i once was,

Im hoping to have some play time this weekend, ive so many projects on the go now,

k im off to catch up with all the blogs i love have a fabby weekend,


DGgirl said...

Hi Jenni

Lovely to have you back among friends again!!!


a little bit of me........ said...

thanks Gill its nice to know i have been missed, im shattered though i dont know if its all caught up with me.
Not done anything crafty either, mind u ive been playing with paper, (wallpaper) does that count,
hope your all well,