Wednesday, 10 June 2009

my craft room

is starting to take some shape, ive spent some time in there today, printing some photos ready for a mini project.
i'll be glad when i know where everything is again, the good thing is i'd forgotten i had some stash and its a lovely surprise finding it again.

im just sitting uploading watching qvc from tuesday and as yet nothing has caught my eye, so my dosh is safe!!!



DGgirl said...

Hi Jenni

Looking good sweetie. I love crafting in the conservatory at this time of year - fab light and nice and warm. Then OH asks why I'm not out in the shed LOL!!!!


Hi I'm Maria... said...

lovely room jenni, you lucky thing...

maria x

jackie(worcs) said...

Hello Jenni, your craft room looks fab!
Jackie :-)

tea_bag said...

What a fab room to craft in alma x