Saturday, 15 November 2008

im back and so behind

hi again ive been poorly for what seems like weeks i had a normal cold which left me with a chest infection, and i never slept properly for a week and ended up down on the sofa as i needed to sleep upright and i didnt want to wake everyone up. So now im behind with all my projects and the washing is 10 ft high.

Ive almost finished a Calendar ive just got to BIA it (oh i hope i goes well)
or you may be hearing me scream! I had my BIA off my best friend for my 40th in May and ive not used it much to be honest.

Im terrible with new Gadgets im scared to use them incase i stuff up my stash but because i dont use them i dont get the hang of it for a while.
Am I Mad?
No surely im not coz Gina my buddie from Docrafts is the same?
Unless were both mad!!
Well this isnt going to get any projects finished so i will get on with it.
My next posting i hope to have piccies of my calender completed!
jenni x


sue-bubbles said... are both mad lol! In a nice way of course!!!
Sue x

Hi I'm Maria... said...

Totally agree with you Sue, they are both (nicely) mad, lol.

Pleased you're feeling better jenn.

Maria x

Foxcraft said...

Don't listen to them Jenni - you and Gina mad ....... NEVER! xxxx Caz

a little bit of me........ said...

Ha ha you naughty girls, im just reading these thankyou for sticking up for me Caz or was you??